Tips for New Septic System Owners

If you are a first-time homeowner or have just moved into a new home with a septic system, then you may be a little bit confused on what you need to do as a septic system owner. While septic systems are not complicated and do not even require yearly upkeep, there are a few things you need to be aware of so that you can make sure your septic system stays in tip top shape.


Educate Yourself

If you’re not sure what a septic system is or how it works, be sure to do your research online. There is plenty of information about the type of septic systems and how they work. Educating yourself on your septic system now will save you time and confusion in the long run.

You are Now Responsible for Your Septic System

As the septic system is an integral system in your home, it is now your responsibility to educate yourself on your system. Be sure to know exactly where on your property your septic tank is, as to avoid overuse on the area around it; this will prevent grass flooding. Also, you will want to inquire about the size of the system so you know the proper maintenance plan. In addition, check on when the tank was inspected last and when the tank was pumped last, so you know when the next time you will need an inspection or pump will be. This will also help you devise a maintenance schedule.


Be Sure to Keep up with Septic System Inspections and Pumping

Although you may not want to keep up with septic system inspections and pumping if you feel you don’t need it, you will want to stick to your maintenance schedule to avoid future problems. If you need to schedule a service for an inspection or pumping for a new house, be sure to find a Septic Expert.

H5: Be Careful of What you Put Down Drains

As a new septic system owner, you now need to be more careful of what you are putting down your drains. Anything besides human waste, water, soaps, and toilet paper should not be entering your pipes. Be especially careful not to put grease or chemicals down your drain, as they can clog the pipes and cause chemical imbalances. However, if you do find your pipes getting easily clogged due to prior mistakes and damages, contact a professional.


These few tips should help you better understand what you need to do as a septic system owner and should make you feel a lot better- see, septic systems aren’t too much work!