The Top Septic Tank Issues you may be Experiencing

If you’re reading this, it probably means that you have a septic system. Taking the time now to learn about septic system maintenance and potential signs of septic system issues will save you even more time and money in the long run. One of the things you should learn about now are potential problems with your septic system and what the warning signs are for these issues.


One of the more common and frequent septic system issues is drain clogging.  There are two reasons your drains are clogged: either materials are stuck inside the drain or your septic system is backed up. You can avoid these two issues by making sure to not put anything besides water or toilet paper in your drainage system and you can be up to date on your septic system maintenance check. However, if you find that your drains keep getting clogged, find a professional who can help. If you’re looking to clean drains yourself, try using a plunger, snake, or pouring hot water down the drain. Make sure not to pour any chemicals down the drain, as this could make it worse. No matter what, this step is can be avoided with simple preventative measures.


Puddles, Brown Grass, or a Foul-Smelling Yard

If you notice any abnormalities, such brown grass, puddles on your lawn, or a foul-smelling odor in your yard, this is a key indicator that there is an issue with your septic tank. The area around your septic tank will be especially wet, muddy, or brown due to issues within the system. If your septic tank is so backed up that it is overflowing, then these three issues will let you know.


Vehicle Damage

If you aren’t exactly sure where your septic system is located, that might be causing a problem. There is a chance that you could be driving your vehicles over your septic system, causing the system to collapse. If you drive vehicles over the septic system too many times, then you may need to replace it, which can be unnecessarily costly.  If you aren’t sure where your system is, give professional a call, and they can help you locate it. And, if you believe that you have damaged your system because of this, or any other reason, they can help you replace your septic system.

Be sure to keep your eyes open to spot any potential issues with your septic tank. But, it is important to remember that all of these issues can be avoided with proper care, maintenance, and pumping of your septic tank.