How to Prevent Clogs in Your Pipes

If your home is running on a septic system, everything you put or flush down your drains makes a difference in how your septic system functions. In order to maximize the overall health of your septic system, you need to make sure your pipes are clean; the pipes in your septic system are essential for carrying the waste from your home to your septic tank. There are many things that can contribute to clogged pipes and many things that can contribute to keeping your pipes clog-free.


Don’t Use Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners are not meant to be put down drains that flow into a septic system. Putting chemical cleaners down drains can lead to bacterial imbalances in your septic system. While these cleaners claim to unclog drains, for homeowners with septic systems, that may be causing more harm by killing the healthy bacteria in your septic system. If your drains feel clogged, try pouring hot water down your drains to release some of the clogs, instead.


Don’t Put Food Waste or Grease Down Drains

Putting any food waste down your drain is an easy way to quickly clog your pipes. In addition, pouring liquid grease down drains is harmful because it will eventually harden and clog the pipes over time. Instead of putting food and grease down drains, try composting leftover food and storing your leftover grease in a container for proper future disposal.


Be Careful of What You Flush

Being mindful of what you are flushing down your toilets is key to making sure no additional waste is entering your septic system. The only things you should be flushing down your toilet is waste and toilet paper. Any additional items, such as baby wipes, tampons, pads, tissues, or paper towels will cause clogs in your pipes.


Remove Hair From Drains

When brushing your hair or showering, be sure to keep excess hair away from drains. Hair caught in sink or shower drains will clog pipes because it will be pushed into the drain by the water flow from faucets.  Taking a few seconds to remove hair from drains will save you a huge headache from clogged pipes, in the future.


Be Mindful of Bathroom Products

Being mindful of shaving creams, toothpaste, and other thick substances you use in your bathroom is key to making sure your drains remain clog-free. Although toothpaste and other bathroom products are designed to be washed away down drains, being mindful of how much of these products you use will help prevent clogging your drains.

These few tips will make sure your pipes are running smoothly to keep your septic system working well. If your pipes are continually clogged, even after you are taking these precautions to prevent clogging, you may need to consider if your pipes need to be repaired or replaced.   If you have further issue or questions, be sure to contact a professional.