How to Avoid Winter Septic System Issues

Brrr… it is definitely cold out there. As temperatures continue to drop here in New England, there are a whole slew of problems that come with that, especially for your septic system.  The cold weather, the snow, and frozen ground are just some of the elements that can contribute to winter septic tank issues.  If you are having any problems with your septic system, be on the lookout for these issues, or contact a professional to come out for an inspection to help you identify any issues.

Frozen Tank Components

Any part of your septic system could freeze if it gets cold enough. If your septic tank freezes, then the bacteria in your tank will not be able to break down the waste. This will cause blocked and clogged pipes, creating many issues for the entire septic system.  If you are especially worried about this, or if you know there is a prolonged cold spell coming, then you can take precaution by putting an insulating cover, blanket, or tarp over your septic system.  And, if you need frozen pipes repaired, there are professionals ready to help.


Frozen Pipes

Any leaks in your pipes could be a potentially big problem in the cold weather. The colder the air temperature gets, the more liable your pipes are to freeze over.  If the pipes freeze, then they can either cause massive clogs or they can break. In order to avoid these issues, be sure to get any leaky pipes fixed before the winter. But, if you do experience these issues, be sure to contact a professional, immediately.


Compacted Soil and Snow

If there is an unusually heavy snowfall or if the ground becomes frozen for too long, then it can make the soil above your septic system too compact. If the soil becomes too compact and too heavy, it can cause a frozen system or broken components. Shoveling snow off the area or keeping a protective cover over the area can help prevent these issues. If you pipes become too clogged or freeze and break, there are many providers that offer services to remedy both of those issues.


Pumping Tank Difficulties

Pumping your tank in the winter could present some difficulties.  Snow and frozen ground can make it challenging to either inspect or pump your tank. It is not impossible for tank pumping to be done in the winter, but it is definitely more challenging. Trying to schedule tank maintenance or pumping before the first frost will ensure that you don’t have any other difficulties during the coldest time of the year.

As we continue to brave this chilly New England winter, be sure to keep an eye on your septic system to make sure that you are not experiencing any issues. In the meantime, stay warm!