Everything You Need to Know About Title 5 Septic Inspections

If you have a septic system in your home and you live in Massachusetts, you may have heard of a Title 5 Inspection.  Title 5 Inspections are an important aspect of septic system maintenance. This guide to Title 5 Inspections will teach you all about Title 5 Inspections and why they are important.

What is a Title 5 Inspection?

A Title 5 Inspection is a regulation of the Massachusetts State Environmental Code 310 CMR 15.000. This code refers to the section of the Massachusetts State Environmental Code that determines if waste systems are functioning properly. This inspection helps protects local communities and ecosystems from any potential disruption due to on-site waste disposal systems.


Why do I Need a Title 5 Inspection?

Title 5 Inspections are mandatory for anyone in Massachusetts who is planning to sell, refinance, or retitle a property, either residential or commercial. The inspection also may be required if you are planning to renovate or remodel a property. A Title 5 inspection will help determine if your septic system is running properly and if it needs to be pumped or not. It will also evaluate the system to ensure it is structurally sound and secure.


How do I Get a Title 5 Inspection?

In order to get a Title 5 Inspection done, you will need to contact a professional.  A professional who is certified to conduct an official Massachusetts Title 5 Inspection will come to your property, conduct the inspection, and then submit the report to the Board of Health for your town.


What will the Company do During a Title 5 Inspection?

If you have never had a Title 5 Inspection done before, you may be a little bit nervous to discover what lies in your septic system.  However, the inspection is relatively straight forward. The inspector will look into every part of your septic system, such as the septic tank, distribution box, cesspool, and leach or drain field.  The inspector will locate each part of the system and then check to make sure it all works properly, or if there are problems, or if you need your system pumped.


How do I know the Results of my Title 5 Inspection?

Massachusetts will let owners know the result of their inspection and will provide one of three results.  The three results are: pass, conditional pass, or fail.

A pass indicates a properly functioning and built septic system. This result is valid for two or three years, depending on how often your tank needs to be pumped.

A conditional pass results indicates that the majority of your system is properly functioning, but there is a part of your system that is broken down.  This could be anything from a bent pipe to a leaking septic tank.  These issues need to be repaired by a septic system repair technician that is licensed and certified in the State of Massachusetts. You will have two years to complete the required repairs. After this, your conditional pass will be converted to a pass result.

A fail result means that your system is either broken down or an issue to the public health of the community. A broken-down system means the entire system needs to be repaired or replaced.  However, if your system is a public health issue, it needs to be replaced by a professional. Afterwards, they will test the soil and surrounding area to make sure that there will be no future issues.

Now that you know what a Title 5 Inspection is and why it is important, you will be prepared if you need one soon or if you need one down the road. As always, make sure to contact a professional if you have any questions.